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Paul Orndorff Single Figure
  • Paul Orndorff Single Figure

    Not many can claim they main evented Wrestlemania, but Paul is part of that very illustrious group. Paul was a success in any sport he tried, saying "I excelled at anything I put my mind to." and it was evident when you look at his career. Paul was drafted in the NFL by the New Orlean Saints before leaving footbal behind and going the route of Professional Wrestling. 


    Mr. Wonderful left his mark in the WWE and WCW, where he landed and became a multi time Tag Team Champion with Paul Roma and a WCW TV Champion. 


    Now is your chance to own Mr. Wonderful in all his glory in the Asylum All-Stars!


    $24.99 plus Shipping



    This is a limited time pre-order so get them before you miss out and they are gone!!


    For Wholesale Inquires Please contact us at:
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