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Asylum All-Stars Series 2 SGT Slaughter Single Figure
  • Asylum All-Stars Series 2 SGT Slaughter Single Figure

    At Ease Maggot!


    Boasting one of the most recognizable names (and jaw lines) ever, Sgt Slaughter is an instantly recognizable American icon to wrestling fans and general pop culture enthusiasts alike. A former U.S. Marine who proudly served his country, “Sarge” burst onto the wrestling scene in 1974.


    His decorated career took him to Championship heights and in the end the illustrious Hall of Fame, where he will be forever immortalized. But outside the squared circle, Sarage was no push over as he decided to battle Cobra Commander and his evil forces as an action figure, a comic book hero and even on the G.I. Joe animated series.


    Now is your chance to own Sgt Slaughter in another action figure form as he gets ready to battle his foes in the Asylum All-Stars!


    $24.99 plus Shipping



    This is a limited time pre-order so get them before you miss out and they are gone!!


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