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Asylum All-Stars Series 2 Tatanka Single Figure
  • Asylum All-Stars Series 2 Tatanka Single Figure

    Loosely translated, Tatanka means “buffalo,” so it’s no surprise that this proud Native American Superstar was a powerful force in the ring.

    Tatanka joined WWE, beginning an undefeated streak that lasted nearly two years. His success inside the squared circle led him to a battle against Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania IX, which he won by disqualification.

    In September 1993, Tatanka finally suffered his first WWE defeat, losing to Ludvig Borga on an episode of Superstars. After the match, Borga and then-WWE Champion Yokozuna attacked Tatanka, putting the competitor out of action for three months.

    However, the Lumbee tribesman returned in early 1994 to settle the score with the men who put him out of commission, joining forces with Lex Luger, who was also at odds with Yokozuna. After a brief rivalry with I.R.S., Tatanka began to make allegations that Luger had sold out and joined The Million Dollar Man’s Corporation. Luger and Tatanka squared off at SummerSlam 1994, where it was revealed that it was actually Tatanka who had joined The Corporation. He defeated Luger and went on to become one of the cornerstones of the devious group.

    Now is your chance to own Tatanka in Action Figure form celebrating his run as part of the Million Dollar Corporation!


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